She Needed Us Both That Day

I have been having sex with my mother-in-law for about six months now. It is one of those things that just happened. She will call up my wife and tell her I need to come over to help with some home repair or something. The other day she called needing my help and I couldn't wait to get there. When I did, my brother-in-law's car was already there. "Damn," I said to myself, "she really does need something! Oh well." I went in and yelled, and she yelled back, "We are in here." I went into the den and there she was, having oral sex with my brother-in-law. He looked at me and said, "Have you been having sex with her?" I sheepishly said, "Yes." He said, "I should shoot you! She can really give oral!" I undressed and we all had sex in multiple positions.

— Ralph, 40

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