Helping Each Other Out

I am forty-two and my sister-in-law is twenty-five. She was always very sexy. After the birth of a child, she had gained a little weight, but not much. I went by their house one night to get something form my brother-in-law. He was not home and she was there alone. We talked a little while about day-to-day stuff. She then asked, "Do you think I am still sexy?" I told her yes, she was. She then said that my brother-in-law refused to have sex with her until she lost weight. I told her that her sister wasn't putting out much either. She then asked, "If you had the chance would you have sex with me?" I told her that this was a loaded question and if I said yes she would tell on me. She said, "If I was going to tell on you, would I do this?" She then kneeled in front of me and began giving me oral. She stopped for a moment and said, "I was hoping we could help each other out." We ended up having sex three times that night. I cannot wait to go back!

— Liam, 42

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