Almost Busted

My wife got a new night shift, so she doesn't come home until late. Well, I took the time that I had alone to "dress" up a little. I put on panties, a bra, a skirt, and a sexy shirt my wife wears. I was in this for about four hours. It was about an hour before she should be home. I was in the master bathroom, and our dog took off. I looked into the hallway from the master bedroom where you can see the door that leads to the garage. I could tell the garage door itself was open because the red light on the door tells us if the garage door is shut or open. As I could see the laundry room door open, I ran across the hall into our closet, still FULLY dressed. Thankfully, I was able to remove the bra super fast. I got all of the clothes in the hamper, threw a shirt on top, and walked out of the closet naked. My wife was like, "Wow! What are you doing?" "Changing," I said. I then put the clothes away when she was watching TV later on. I was almost busted! Man.

— Jared, 23

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