The RN Next Door

We live next door to a nurse. She is not bad looking. I always see her checking out my wife. So, one night we had farmed out the kids, and the wife and I were having a few drinks when she came home from work. So, we invited her over. After a lot of drinks, we started talking about sex. She asked my wife if she ever had a woman go down on her, and my wife said no. You could tell they were getting horny. She asked if she could go down on her. To my surprise, she said yes. I watched them undress each other. Then, she started to go down on her. After they had both finished, they said it was my turn. After a couple of hours, they wore me out. So, they went back at each other. Now, my wife and I can't wait until the kids get farmed out again.

— Charles, 51

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