Wonderful Secret

This is 100% true. It happened when my wife and I were dating in college. One night, we went to a strip club with a male friend, who I know lusted for her. When we got back to her apartment, after much cajoling, teasing, and telling her she was much better looking than the dancers at the club, she actually did a full, slow, sexy strip for my friend and me. This was totally out of character for her, since she is usually pretty conservative. Watching her take her clothes off in front of our friend was the most erotic experience of my life. Naturally we applauded and cheered her on. Once she was completely nude, she swayed to the music and posed with her hands behind her head. She even let our friend fondle her. Since then, she has stripped for him many times, always in my presence and usually at our house after dinner. She always calls him to invite him for dinner and tells him explicitly what she will do for dessert. It is a wonderful secret shared by the three of us.

— Mark, 35

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