Finishing What We Started

My mother-in-law is about sixty-seven years old and still somewhat of a good looking woman. I was driving her to our house for a weekend stay. On the way, I felt her hand start to rub my leg. I started to do the same to her, and then I felt her hand begin to cup my already excited manhood. I started to move about in the seat, and then I opened her pants and started to touch her. I told her I have thought about her for years now. She said, "Tonight, after everyone is sleeping, come down to the guest room and finish what we started in the car." About 12.30am, I went down and made love to her for about an hour. When we were both finished, she said I should be getting back to my room before I was missed. She also said, "We must do this again before I go home." It was the best sex I've ever had. I've been getting together with her ever since.

— Scott, 29

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