A Family Friend

I have been living with my parents while I am in college. My parents are part of a group of people that play cards. In the group, there are two of the hottest blonde women ever! One of them is 5' 10" and is a D cup named Beverly. The other is a very petite, 5' 6"named April. They are both around thirty-five years old. One day, when I was going over to Beverly's house to get a ladder for painting the side of our house, I knocked on the door, but nobody answered. Then, I went around to the back door, which is always unlocked, and I got the ladder out of the basement. On the way back up, I heard a loud scream, and I got worried. I set down the ladder and ran upstairs to see what the problem was. I couldn't believe what I saw. Beverly and April were both having sex, and it looked awesome! It was the loudest sex ever! Then, they saw me. At first, I thought I was going to get in trouble. Then, all of a sudden, they both came over. One started giving me the best oral while the other started making out with me. Then we had sex for six hours. I am very big, so I can last forever. Since then, April and I haven't done anything together because her husband suspected her of having an affair. However, Beverly and I have been having sex for three months now. I got both of them pregnant that day! I will never forget that wonderful day.

— Stephan, 19

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