Old School Friend

When I was in the eighth grade, I had a huge crush on this girl all the way to the twelfth. We never dated but hung out. Well, thirteen years later, I ran into her at the grocery store. We sat in the aisle and talked for forty minutes. She gave me her email address, and I told her to email me sometime. Of course, I get home and email her saying it was nice to see her and what not. She lives in the same neighborhood I do almost, and she said, "Meet me at the park." I go there, and she is there with this two-year-old. So, we talked and talked. The kid was getting cranky, so we left, and she invited me over. She put the kid down, and we talked about the old days. She said that she loved the flowers I left on her porch way back in high school. We started kissing, and she said that she'd think of me every once in a while when she masturbated and wanted to have sex with me one time. She is married. We went into her loft and had sex. It felt so good that I was done in a matter of minutes. But, I finally got a high school crush off of my "to do" list. We haven't talked much since, but I will never forget that day.

— Aaron, 32

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