She Surprised Me

My mother-in-law, Emma, and I had a very normal relationship until her husband left her two years ago. Emma is fifty-five, about thirty pounds overweight (all in her bust and behind), and can be a bit controlling. I began to notice after her divorce that she would flirt with me when my wife wasn't around. I never had a sexual thought about her in my twelve year marriage, but I was beginning to think she was having thoughts about me. We live in the same neighborhood, and she would stop over almost daily. I also noticed a change in her appearance as she began to wear clothes that showed off her large breasts and ample bottom. She stopped over one morning after my wife, Christine, had left for work wearing a tight black skirt and a white blouse with three or four buttons open. I invited her in for coffee, and I couldn't help but comment on how nice she looked. She said it was about time I noticed and that she had been trying to get my attention for the past year. I said she had my attention, but there was no way I would cheat on Christine with her own mother. She then said that she understood and asked if she could have some more coffee. I went to the kitchen for the coffee, and when I returned, Emma was sitting on the couch with only her skirt and bra on. I was shaking when I put the coffee down, and before I knew it, she unzipped me and started to give me oral. We finished that morning on the living room floor.

— Darien, 36

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