A Party Of Two

My mother-in-law's birthday party was at our house. She is a great gal and sexy as hell for just turning forty. She always feels the need to bring stuff over for any type of celebration. I was grilling, and she'd brought over some potato salad while my wife was out shopping. I'd finished up and put the chicken in the oven and headed up to shower. While in the shower, I thought I heard someone in the bathroom. I assumed it was my wife, but to my surprise it was my mother-in-law. I asked what was up, and she said she'd come up for her present. She was told by my wife how I liked to have sex, so she bent over the toilet in a receiving position. I had sex with her several times that morning, and she was very happy with her early present. My wife knows about it and lets us have sex once a week or so. I love my family!

— Raymond, 28

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