A Minor Accident

I was in a minor accident one day. While in the ambulance, the woman EMT cut off my pants. She saw me in my satin, string panties. She looked surprised to see this. I told her, "Don't cut my panties off, please." So, she kept me in them. Every so often she would put her hand on me and rub it on my panties. I got so excited. Then, one day, she called me. She wanted to come over to my house and talk. So, we did. She told me she needed to give me oral since she got so hot seeing me in panties. I am married to her now for seven years, and she only wants me in panties, lingerie, and bikini swimsuits. I am allowed to walk around in our house in any kind of women's lingerie I want. It's a fantasy come true.

— Duncan, 40

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