The Hostess

When I was in college, I helped pay my way by bartending. I enjoyed it so much that even years later, I still do it part time. It's a great way to make some extra money. The place I work at hires hostesses to greet and seat the patrons. The hostesses are always quite young and attractive. Hey, that works for me. I enjoy girl-watching as much any red-blooded man. One of the hostesses was Amanda, a tall, willowy girl with blonde-streaked brunette hair, beautiful brown eyes, a lovely smile, and a very nice figure. She knew she was hot, but unlike so many other beautiful women, she hadn't let it go to her head. However, she did love to flirt and given the slightest chance would do so with any of the guys who worked there. I mostly steered clear of that as she was a lot younger than me, and I didn't want anyone getting the wrong idea. But, once in a while, I did banter with her some. The younger guys loved it, though. One evening, I was at a party hosted by one of my fellow bartenders, and Amanda showed up. I'd been drinking, and we weren't at work, so when she started flirting with me, I responded in kind. It quickly got a bit suggestive in nature. Then she slyly looked me and said she thought I was probably too old for her. Well, I just immediately shot back that she was probably right as I was used to women who knew what they were doing. She just stared at me open-mouthed and completely speechless. I walked away. An uneventful week passed. I saw Amanda a couple of times at the bar, but she acted no differently than she had before. I had a day off from both jobs, so I decided to run some errands in the morning and then relax in the afternoon and see what I could come up with for some fun in the evening. When I got back from the errands and walked into the kitchen, I could hear that my hot tub was running. I knew I hadn't left it on, so I went to check the situation out. It's mostly screened off, so I had to go out onto the deck and into the enclosure to get to the controls and see what was going on. Well, none other than Amanda was in my hot tub. She waved at me and said she had just decided to stop by and say hello. As I wasn't there, she decided to wait, and she hoped I didn't mind that she got in the hot tub. Okay, right. She'd never been to my place before, and I had never told her where I lived or that I even had a hot tub. Clearly, she'd been doing some snooping. A bold play on her part. I decided to go along and see how far she wanted to take this. I changed into my swim suit and grabbed some drinks. When I got into the hot tub, she asked if she could have one. Up to this point, she'd just had her head and shoulders sticking out of the water and, with the jets on, the rest of her body had been obscured. When she stood up to take the bottle, I immediately saw she was wearing a barely-there bikini that showed her even better than expected body, particularly a pair of fine breasts that looked like they were about to burst out of her top. I couldn't help but stare, which of course was exactly the reaction she had been expecting. When she sat back down, she kept her chest out of the water. I knew she was doing it on purpose, so I admired the view. We chatted for a while as she finished her drink and part of a second one. Then, she pretended that she finally noticed where my eyes kept straying to. "Like what you see?" she asked. "Definitely," I replied. She then calmly undid the catch and tossed her top off to the side. "How about now?" I just grinned. She finished her bottle and asked for another. I reached around to get one, and she came over to get it, standing over me so I got a great look. She sat down right next to me, slammed the whole bottle, and then coyly asked me, "So, what should we do now?" I kissed her and began fondling her. She responded in kind, and we made out for a while in the tub. Things got heated very quickly, so I soon suggested we go inside. Once in my bedroom, I immediately took her bottom off and then my own. She immediately began giving me oral. When she finished me, I returned the favor on her, and then we had full-blown sex. We continued like this for some hours until she finally had to leave. I never did go out that evening. So, did she know what she was doing? Well enough, and what she didn't know she more than made up for in enthusiasm and desire to learn. And was I too old for her? All I know is she said it was great to be with a guy who was interested in pleasing her and getting her off and not just himself. We've been getting together regularly since then. It turns out she's got it together upstairs as well, and I find intelligence very sexy. It's been over six months now, so we went, got tested, and everything came back clean. We just had our first time together where we didn't use a condom. Wow! It was even her idea that I write this. Great gal! I don't know how long she's going to want to stay with me, but I'm going to enjoy it as long as she does. Life is good.

— William, 34

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