Trying Out The Nerdy Kid

I went down to my friend's house one time. She wasn't home, but her mom was. I had only met her mom a couple months before, but I had seen pictures of her and knew she was hot. She said my friend would be back in a couple of hours but that I was welcome to make myself at home. I walked around the house while she was in her room. I then settled down in the living room. She came in wearing a Playboy Bunny outfit. She said that she was tired of having sex with all of her daughter's jockey boyfriends and wanted to try me out since I was a nerdy kid. She led me to her room and gave me oral. Then, I gave her anal. After almost an hour, we had had sex time after time. She changed back into her clothes and said it was great. It's been about a year, and every week I go down to have sex with her.

— Kent, 19

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