Alone With Her, Finally

Now, I know this sounds crazy, but when my wife and I were dating, her twin sister always hung out with us. Her sister watched as I was getting oral. She would masturbate or something. This went on for almost a year. I even got a few sexual favors out of it. I had a threesome twice, but they never touched each other. Well, her sister flew in yesterday morning and surprised her sister. I knew she was coming. Well, this morning, my wife went to work, and I was up getting ready for work when her sister walked in and asked if she had left already. I said she had missed her. I was standing in the bedroom in boxer shorts. She went and laid on the bed to pet our dog. She said to come to bed and keep her company. She didn't want me to go to work. Well, before I know it, I am getting her hand, and I am just getting into it. Before I know it, I finally had solo sex with her sister. It was awesome. We didn't kiss or anything, but my God! I get to work, and my wife texts me and says, "So, I heard your morning was taken care of." I didn't think her sister told her everything, but she did. All day, my wife was like, "You like it." Needless to say, my wife and I just had sex. She kind of told me not to do it again with her sister unless she was there. I felt as if she was kind of pissed, but I had a great time.

— Bill, 33

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