Reality Check

Reading these 'confessions' has been titillating and fun, yet what is missing is 'the rest of the story': the consequences. Only one of a couple hundred that I have read wrote of contracting a sexually transmitted disease, which ended her marriage engagement. Some wrote of heartbreak caused by the loss of a lover when found out, and only a couple wrote of divorce and the negative effects on their children. I figure these are just the proverbial 'tip of the ice burg'. The risk is high. STDs, including AIDS, can be contracted during a person's first sexual encounter. Keep this in mind: 'Every decision results in consequences. The intended consequences do not always happen, but unintended consequences always do.' Many times, it is months or years before all of them appear. Of course, none have written about spiritual consequences, although one wrote about his guilt afterward. In reality, we are spiritual beings. Sex is great, but when it ends, the pleasure is gone. The joy of knowing and loving our Creator never ends. Once starting illicit sexual activity, some wrote that they cannot stop loving that partner. For these, it appears as addicting as illegal drugs and alcohol. Reading these confessions is 'addictive' to me. If you are having the least disagreement or concern in your relationship, you both need to discuss it selflessly, without inhibition, and strive to resolve it without finding someone else to confide in (other than a professional counselor), and especially without resorting to sexual activity with another. I have found several books about relationships that are very educational. I encourage all to strive to improve their relationship skills rather than try to find a new partner. Start today.

— Matthew, 47

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