Fantasy Turned Fact

My wife is a very pretty twenty-eight-year-old blonde, and I have talked to her for at least a year about having a threesome with another guy. The idea of seeing her with someone else is a turn on for me. She said the idea was a turn-on for her, too, but, she could never actually do it. Yesterday, she changed her mind while trying on clothes at the mall. The store was closing, but the manager told us to take our time. He was in no hurry. The dressing room doors are doors that are open from your feet to about your knees. I watched a skirt fall to her ankles and noticed the guy watching, also. I asked him if he would like to make it with her. He said yes, and I told him to do exactly what I told him to do. I told Amy that I had something else for her to try on. She told me to hand it under the door. I gave her a pair of white lace thongs. She said I was being silly, but she would try them on. We watched her as she pulled them up her legs past her knees. I said we wanted to see what she looked like with them on. She pushed the door open about six inches which was wide enough to give me and the guy a very nice view. I opened the door all the way and told him to go inside. Amy did not protest. I watched under the door as the panties fell to her ankles. Then her top hit the floor. I knew she was completely naked. I watched her feet turn toward the mirror and knew he was very close behind her. She began to make moaning sounds, and I could tell by the movement of her feet and legs that she was having a very good time. With perfect timing, Amy and he finished at the same time. I invited him to our house, and we made it with Amy for about five hours. I know there will be a repeat performance.

— Yuri, 30

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