Mattress Store Sex

I was working for a mattress manufacturer-store chain in California as an accountant in the head office. The position gave me a chance to meet all the new hires since I have to complete their personnel files for their payroll information. Jessica, a new sales staff hired, came in one day and filled out her payroll info. She was dressed really hot and smelled so good. I could tell she was also pleasantly surprised when she met me in person since we only spoke on the phone. I for one work out regularly with an athletic built. Before parting my office, Jessica made sure I knew what store branch she would be working. Then and there, I knew that there was a mutual attraction between the two of us concealed in professional work attitude we had in meetings at the work place. Jessica makes it a point to call me to ask if she can pick up her paycheck on payroll days so that she can see me even though she lives in another city. She would even call me just to small talk when she has no customers in her store. I found out that she is married but wants to meet on her day off so we could be alone away from the company. I was single back then, so I have no hurdles in my life and agreed to meet and have lunch. At lunch, when she asked me how my food tasted, I replied that what I was having tasted good but that I would rather have her instead. Her jaw stopped chewing cold turkey, and she grinned because of my remark. We finished our meal and went straight to a hotel to check in. We had sex the whole afternoon. We had sex as often as we could. She would come to my house after she closed her store and could not wait to get to me. I had sex with her at her mattress store when I came in for a visit pretending as a customer wanting to try out her best selling mattress. Jessica would put out the "closed" sign and lock the door just for the quickie. Those mattresses can surely stand the heavy pounding. She would open up after we were done.

— Benjamin, 50

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