Women And Men

I have worked in corporate America all my life, from Philadelphia to Los Angeles and in between. At twenty, I knew without doubt that women should be honored and admired, but that men really held the reins. Three decades, numerous board-rooms, and countless competitions later, I'm here to say this: I was deluded. Not mistaken, deluded! While men can be talented, sharp, etc. etc., as a class, there is little comparison. When talented women and men go head to head, women -- young and old -- are kicking our butts. Society works hard talking about "equality," but the truth is, men (as a whole) are not equal to women. We are rather fast becoming the second sex, put there both by our own incompetence and by the superior competence of women. Women are, as a whole, rather easily and at will, pushing us aside in nearly every field of importance and taking their deserved places at the top of the food chain. So, here is my class-action confession: Whether men like it or not or will admit it or not, we find ourselves more and more at the behest of women -- in education, in management, in law, in medicine, at home. This is not about sex. It's about the loss of our own greedy notions of power to those who have it by nature. Women, simply because you are female, we stand daily erect and we salute you, the Primary Sex.

— Sigmund, 48

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