Against My Better Judgment

I'm a male massage therapist and, I must admit, over the years I have had a number of women/young ladies that have wanted more than just a relaxation massage. I have been very tempted sometimes and have been good at holding back. This one time, I broke down. It was just too much to take, or I had so much pent up frustration, I couldn't hold back anymore. It was with a regular client I had over the years. She was divorced and had a lot of money. I massage her once a week yearly. She would sometimes flirt with me, but I didn't take it seriously because I'd seen stronger come-ons over the years. Then, one time after massaging her legs and butt, I had her turn over to massage her while she was on her back. She giggled when she turned over, and I asked her, "What's so funny?" She said that she got real wet again, and she asked me if I was offended. I told her no, not at all. Then I flirted back with her and said, "Mission accomplished!" She laughed and said, "Good!" Well, let's say I finally broke down and had great, hot sex like I couldn't believe.

— Ian, 27

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