Risky Business

While at the rec center in the whirlpool with a complete stranger, with her husband in the swimming pool in the shallow end playing with their kids, we locked eyes. I guided her hand under my trunks. She pulled away, but I persisted. She whispered, "This is so wrong. I can't." But when I kissed her, she put her hand back and didn't stop. In fact, she sped up faster and faster yet. It was mind blowing. I pulled her suit down and began fondling her breasts. With a little difficulty, I worked my hand under her suit and caressed her as she repeated, "This is insane, insane. It's so wrong, so wrong." But that soon became, "So good, so good." Then, she shuddered. Within a minute, her daughter came over, and we froze. She said that daddy wants to know how much longer. My new lover, gathering her composure, said, "Fifteen minutes or twenty minutes, baby." I took the opportunity to get up and reset the jet spray to conceal our underwater activities in case we were joined. The daughter went back, and her mother's suit came completely off. Protected from view by a three-foot-high partition, we made passionate love. Now, we see each other every chance we get.

— Hanson, 26

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