Paying The Bill

Recently, I noticed that I stopped receiving a bill from my landscaping service even though every Friday when I returned home from work the lawn looked better than ever. Last Friday, my boss was out, so I decided to head home early. I pulled in to find the landscaping truck in our driveway, but curiously the three man crew was nowhere to be found. When I walked inside my house, I heard soft, muffled moans from what sounded like my wife coming from upstairs. I quickly went up the stairs and into our bedroom to find the crew hard at work on my young, petite wife. The crew consisted of two very young Hispanic men and the owner of the service, a large African American man named Tyrone. What shocked me most was no one stopped when I walked in the room. My wife was clearly enjoying herself, and Tyrone just laughed when I told my wife to stop. As Tyrone left that afternoon, he handed me a card with a website. When I went to the website later and saw my wife's various exploits, I finally realized why Tyrone wasn't billing me anymore.

— Vince, 32

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