The Perfect Sex Machine

I am a home remodeling contractor. I got a call from a client that I had done some work for. Her husband is a quadriplegic, and they are an awesome couple, very devoted to each other. Anyway, I went round to their home to see what was required. They wanted me to help build a platform that they could have sex on. His legs don't work, but his penis does. Even though he has no feeling down there, he still gets aroused. I listened to their thoughts and added a few of my own. I went home and spoke with my wife who was wild with excitement and was gagging at the bit to help design, build, and deliver the most elaborate platform for my clients. I drew up some drawings, incorporating all of our collective ideas. We, my wife and I, decided to deliver them together. Boy, did I learn something about my wife! She took over with a major sales pitch. She told Madeline, the client, to lay down on the floor so that she could demonstrate her idea. Madeline looked at me, then her husband, and then said, "Well, I'm not doing anything like this with my clothes on," and if she was going to get naked, we all had to strip. This woman, who is my wife, showed Madeline what she was thinking in more ways than one. Madeline was starting to get really horny and was moaning softly as my wife started to lick her. Leo, our client and Madeline's husband, wanted in on the action. So, he wheeled himself as close as his chair would get him and started to feel his wife's huge, ample breasts. I got in on the action and took my wife from behind. Needless to say, I built an awesome sex bed. The four of us have a really good time at least twice a month. My wife and Madeline get it on as often as they like, and our sex life is so much better. Thank you, Leo and Madeline.

— Roger, 37

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