Memories In The Moonlight

This happened a long time ago when I was stationed in Texas. I was very young, and I had just returned from Vietnam. I met this young couple at a place where I went dancing on the weekends. They were just a few years older then I was. I got to know them over the next few weeks. One night, Amy says she has a gift for me for coming home safely from the war. We go out to their van, just her and I. She opens the door and tells me to get in the back. I find they have a bed. She starts taking off her clothes, and I ask her what is going on. She says, "I'm all yours for the next hour." I ask her what about Earl, and she says, "This was his idea." So, we make love for the next couple hours as I couldn't stop wanting her again and again. We finally go back inside, and Earl is there with a big smile for us. All he says is, "Was she good to you?" I tell him she is the best. The next weekend, I take a three-day pass as they had asked me to join them at their ranch. We all go for a nude swim and, afterwards, both Earl and I make love to Amy on the side of the pool. Then they drop the bomb on me and tell me that they have been trying to get Amy pregnant for a couple of years with no success and that they want my help. How could I refuse an offer like that? I could come to their ranch anytime I wanted and have Amy anytime I wanted a threesome or alone just the two of us. This went on for months. Finally. I went to see them one weekend, and Amy came running out to meet me as I drove up. She was yelling, "We did it! I'm pregnant!" Well, I had mixed feelings about it. I was happy for them, but I had fallen in love with Amy, and now she was going to have our baby. Both she and Earl were very excited. Later, in the evening, Amy took me for a walk by ourselves and asked me what was wrong. So, I confess to her that I'm in love with her. She tells me she feels the same, but she loves Earl, too, and can never leave him for me. I agree that's not what I want her to do either. She tells me their home and her bed is always there for me and that Earl is okay with the three of us to continue as we have been. Then we lay on the ground and make love under the stars. This continues for the next couple of years until I get transferred overseas. We wrote a lot, but it was not the same. After a while, I fell it would be best if I stopped. But, there is a beautiful girl that carries both Amy's and my genes. Her name is Samantha, and I will always remember her beautiful mom lying in the moonlight naked next to me in the Texas night.

— Juanito, 58

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