Cannot Be Discovered

I am trying hard to resist advances from the wife of one of my best friends. She has been very open about the fact that she wants to have sex. She wants to be with me once to get it out of her system. Their sex life is not all that exciting, and she hears stories from my wife that I am a good lover. So, she is convinced that I am the one to provide her great sex. We are very close to this other couple and spend lots of weekends with them. Every time we have a few drinks and find ourselves alone, she tries to make a move. We have been close to being caught on three occasions, and I think it is a sign that we shouldn't do this. I really would like to get together to see how we are together. We email each other, and we exchange secrets. I am naughtier than she is, and I think she likes the stories I tell her. One night, when I had been at their place for dinner without my wife, her husband went to bed before us. We stayed up drinking and began kissing. We then started playing with each other, but it was the wrong time of the month for her. She said she would tuck me into bed, and then she came and lay next to me. We kissed more, and she gave me oral. It was only brief because her husband was in the next room. She then nestled into me, and we both fell asleep. Her husband found her sleeping next to me at 3:00 AM. Luckily, she was clothed. I really want more of her, and I want to have sex, but we need somewhere that will not be discovered or interrupted so we can give it a really good go. It may be only once!

— Chad, 38

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