Reality Exceeded The Fantasy

For some time now, I have had a fantasy of seeing my wife, Anita, have sex with another guy. When we are making love, I go into specific details about what we would be doing to her, and she really gets off. Anita is very shy, but she admits the fantasy turns her on. However, she says she could never actually do it. To make a long story short, we were at a club having a couple of drinks, and a young man came to our table. He politely asked me if he could ask her to dance. I told him it was okay with me, and they walked out to the dance floor. A very slow love song began playing. While watching them, I thought of our fantasy. He looked like a great prospect. Anita is twenty-two years old, very pretty, and blonde. I'm ten years older, and we have been married since she was eighteen. The young man, Luke, was twenty-one, but he looked about sixteen. Luke is about 6' 4", and I thought he would probably be well-endowed. When the song ended, they walked back to the table. I noticed Anita looked excited. As I asked Luke to join us for a drink, she said that she was going to the restroom. He sat down, and I told him about our fantasy. Then I asked if he would be interested. He quickly accepted my offer. I told him to put his hand under the table on her thigh when she came back. Anita returned and sat between us. I watched as he casually moved his hand under the table onto her thigh. She blushed but did not protest. After a few minutes, Anita made a low moaning sound, and I knew he had gone higher than her thigh. I asked her if she was okay. She laughed and said she knew what was going on. I put my hand under the table, sliding it under her mini-skirt. Luke's hand was exactly where I wanted it to be. Although I was very ready to go to our house, it was Anita who spoke first. She said, "Let's go home now!" Thirty minutes later, the three of us were entangled in our bed. Shy Anita was thrashing and wiggling. For four hours, our fantasy was even better than we had imagined. Anita wanted more and more and more, and we tried to satisfy her every need. By the way, what I had previously thought about Luke was more than true. He is very tall and very well-endowed, and Anita was very excited by the size. We are definitely going to have Luke over tonight for an encore performance.

— Lawrence, 32

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