Sex At First Sight

My wife and I have been married for about four years. At first, we had wild sex every night. But now, she doesn't do much anymore. Anyway, back to the story. I worked at this company, and my boss was super hot! She always wore short-shorts to work, and every time she bent over, I saw everything. One night, my wife invited her over for dinner. She left the house to go buy something, and my sexy boss and I were left alone in the house. We stopped eating and looked at each other. I started to stare at her breasts, and she started playing with my feet. I ran upstairs quickly to my room to masturbate because I was so horny. Before I could lock the door, she came in. She stripped me naked and made me strip her naked. We had sex for about an hour or so. After we had sex, we returned downstairs before my wife came back. Now my boss pleasures me at work, more than my wife.

— Brandon, 32

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