She Still Asks

I've been wanting to watch my wife have sex with another guy since we were at a beach house having sex in our room. She got up and wanted to open the door where two of my friends were still up drinking. A couple years later at the same house, I arranged for my buddy to "accidentally" walk in on us having sex. She was talking about opening the door when he walked in. Covering up at first, I told her to let him watch a little bit. While along side of the bed, she uncovered herself and soon was letting him feel her chest, which led to her touching the front of his shorts. I got off of her and gave him a condom. He put it on and got up on the bed. As soon as he started, she realized a bigger package sure does feel good. We took turns all night. We're married now, and she still asks about my friend.

— Jonathan, 36

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