Computer Help Turns Sexy

My wife every once in a while will tease me by giving me oral while on the phone. She thinks it's super funny how I try to keep calm. One day, her sister called and had a computer question for me. My wife was watching TV, so I went into our spare bedroom and was walking her through a fix. My wife knew it was her sister on the line and started to give me oral. I guess her sister knew as she asked, "Are you having sex?" I said no, to which she replied, "She's giving you oral, isn't she?" I just said, "Yep." Well, the next thing I know, her sister is moaning, and I just went nuts. She started talking dirty to me and told me to keep talking like I was helping. I couldn't believe how fast I was done. The wife went into the other room not knowing her sister just gave me a great phone sex session.

— Harley, 32

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