Young And Wild

I was thirty years old and living alone at the time when I met a girl online. She was nineteen and married, but she lived home alone for long periods of time because her young husband was often gone for extended periods from his job. Betty was a beautiful girl from her pictures, but we never talked about sex or anything like that. One day, she invited me over to hang out with some of her friends. I was expecting to drink a few beers and then go home. We were all hanging out, five of us, drinking and watching movies. Everyone else went to bed or passed out. Betty started rubbing my crotch. This led to more action until we'd had sex multiple times on the floor, on the couch, and in her roommate's bed. She was younger, but she was wild and knew what she was doing and exactly what she wanted. Her body was incredible with dark hair, a pretty face, and flashing eyes. I'll never forget how she bit my shoulder during sex. It sent electricity all through my body. I'll also always remember the look of surprise when we made love the first time. You could tell it was more than what she was used to. After that night, she invited me over another time, and it was even better. We both moved to different areas of the country shortly after that, though.

— Hank, 31

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