Bon Appetite!

While hitchhiking in upstate New York, a car with three women inside stopped and granted me a ride to the next town. After striking up a conversation with all of them, they began unleashing some of their appeal stating that it was too hot even with the air conditioning on. To my surprise, one of them began fondling the other in the front seat while she was driving. The car stopped somewhere on the side of the road and pulled more to the inside of a lonely grassy area that, I think, was unknown to anyone. All of a sudden, I was unleashed into a frenzy of sexual enjoyment beyond compare! It was like a three on one. I was the one. We did, beyond the total enjoyment, oral, dog style, and you name it. Later, we ended in a relapse of heavy sleeping and exhaustion. I was let off at the nearest restaurant. As they drove away, they all shouted, "Bon appetite!"

— Bernard, 23

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