A Great Sight

I was at a disco with my wife where there were a lot of black guys. They invited us to a house party. When we got there, there were more men than women. One guy commented on how sexy my wife looked in her short skirt. As the night went on, the conversation got around to sex and the confession from me that I would like to see her have sex with other guys. He told me that his mates and he would be willing to service my wife. I said, "You will have to make her drunk first because I don't know how she will react." Later, I was in the kitchen getting a drink and talking when the guy came back and said that my wife had been carried upstairs, and three of his mates were seeing to her. I followed him up, and there was my wife laid across the bed with two guys, each holding a leg apart while the third was having sex with her. What a great sight at the end as each one did her in turn.

— Frank, 55

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