Kicking Back

While living with my now former girlfriend for around four years, I became close with her children. When things started to go badly between us, I would often be asked how I was feeling by one or both of her then teen-aged daughters. I would then be told that they wished things would work out between their mother and I as they liked having me around. Well, we eventually broke up but were still relatively close, and I moved out and got my own apartment. One evening, while her mother was out of town visiting relatives and the girls were now twenty-one and twenty-three, the oldest daughter called my place to ask how I was doing. She asked if I had any liquor as the State owned/operated stores for alcohol had closed. I did, and she asked if I could let her have some as she and some friends were going out later. She came by my place, and I showed her to my bedroom where I kept my liquor and told her to help herself. She did that. I went to check on her after a few minutes, and she was laying back on my bed enjoying her buzz and watching TV in there. She had kicked off her shoes, unzipped her very tight jeans, and was just kicking back. I asked her if she was okay. She said she was cool, just buzzing. I came back to check on her about twenty minutes later, and she was still just cooling. I sat down on the other side of the bed and watched a little TV with her while we talked a little bit. I joked about her exposed waistline with the outfit she was wearing and how she must be getting fat since she had unzipped her jeans. She then pulled up her top a little more to show me her "six pack", joking that I wished I had one like that. I laughed at that. I then leaned over, kissed her stomach and navel, and assured her that, yes, she does have a nice six pack. When I did this, she moaned and said that I shouldn't start something that I can't finish. I half-jokingly said that I could finish what I start, but I have no business starting considering the relationship her mother and I once had. I then got up and went back to my living room and watched the big TV in there. She had not left my bedroom after about another twenty minutes, so I went in to check on her again. She had removed her jeans and top and was laying back still watching TV in just her bra and panties with one leg uncovered from waist to toe Did I say that she was gorgeous? I asked her when she was going to be leaving, and she just said after a while. I walked around to that side of the bed, leaned down again, and kissed her on the stomach and navel. She then pulled back the rest of the covers and moved her other leg to the spread position. I could not seem to stop myself. I continued to kiss her, advancing up to her chest with no resistance, just a lot of gentle moaning. I went back down and gave her oral to completion. She left finally, after about another hour and a half. I didn't wash my face for several hours after that because I wanted to continue to savor the taste and sweet, young, fresh aroma of her now womanhood. I still now, years later, smile and get aroused thinking of this encounter.

— Thomas, 56

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