Boss Flirt

My boss is about fifteen years older than me. She asked me one day to go to lunch with her. As we drove, I noticed her legs. Her skirt was pushed up to her hips, exposing her entire legs. She noticed me looking and asked if I thought she shouldn't wear a skirt. I told her I thought her legs were sexy and that I liked it when she wore a skirt. She got embarrassed, but she pulled over in a parking lot and confessed to me that she had a big crush on me and fantasized about us having sex. I told her I had a crush on her, too. She asked to kiss me, and I did, softly. She reached for my hand and placed it on her bare thigh. I rubbed her thigh while we continued kissing. She got more into it and reached for my crotch, which was bulging. I slid my hand up to her panties and starting rubbing. She then pulled my hand away and said that we shouldn't do this. We're both married. I agreed, but we occasionally play footsie under the conference room table, and she often bends over my desk exposing her cleavage, and I always get a nice look at her legs when she wears skirts.

— Bobby, 39

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