Seeing Through It All

My wife knew I wore panties. I started wearing more and more until soon I was only wearing panties 24/7. We took the kids to Florida on vacation, and I packed panties. We were at the grandparents' house and taking a swim in the pool. I was wearing white sport shorts swim suit. There were a couple of older women, and the wife said, "You can see through those white shorts." I said okay and told her I would see what I could do. So, I went back to the grandparents' condo, and all I had was panties. What color would not show through my suit? Anyway, I put on a white nylon bikini. She did not say anything about me in panties or that you could see them. We finished swimming and went back to the condo to change. Grandma had a drying rack on the porch for towels and swim suits. So, my wife hangs hers and then my shorts and my white panties. I was a little shocked as everyone could see the panties and knew who was wearing them.

— Dave, 53

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