Crossing More Than The Street

My wife and I were good friends with the couple across the street. I knew he, Miguel, was attracted to my wife, and I thought his wife was very sexy, too. Once when he and I were at the health club, I saw him naked and mentioned to my wife later that he was "well hung" which she was obviously interested in. The four of us were planning a weekend vacation together, but at the last minute the other gal had to cancel because of work. But the three of us went anyway, Miguel, my wife, Carol, and me! We wound-up having to share a motel with two beds in it. When I went in to shower, I came back naked, and they complained that I wasn't being fair. I said that they could be naked, too, and that it would be okay with me. Miguel went in to shower and came back naked, too. When Carol looked at the size of him, her eyes nearly popped! She went to the shower, and we were hoping she would come back naked, but she had on a dressing gown and nightgown. We all got into bed, Carol and me in one bed, and Miguel in the other. After the lights were off, I pulled her nightgown off and threw it across the room. Then, I made love to her. Miguel was still awake and complained about all the noise keeping him awake. Later in the night, she got up to go to the bathroom, and I asked Miguel if he was awake. He was! I told him to watch when she came back, and when she was close to the bed, I turned on the light so that he could see her naked! She quickly got into the bed, but not before he got a good look at her body! I asked him if he liked what he saw, and he said, "God, yes!" I told her to go get into bed with him and even pushed her out of the bed. I could hear her getting into the other bed, and very soon there were the unmistakable sounds of them having sex! We spent the rest of our time at the motel taking turns having sex with her. We even managed to do her together at one point. It turned me on like nothing else had before, to watch this other man with my wife!

— Hank, 31

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