Can't Hold Out

I've been married now for five years. I absolutely love my wife, Tillie, but the truth of the matter is she's a very dependant, overbearing, bore at times, and I find myself desperately needing escape. Tillie and I met through the girl that I was dating at the time, Rebecca, with whom she was very best friends. Rebecca and I dated for about six months. It was a rocky relationship at best. In the end, though, we went our separate ways. I married her best friend, although that's not my confession here. Over the past five years, sex with my wife has become extremely routine. It's always the same thing. Even when she's thinking that she's spicing things up, it never strays far from the norm. About two years ago, Rebecca was in town and swung by the house to see if Tillie was home. She was not. So, Rebecca asked what I was doing for the evening. I told her I had no plans. She smiled and invited me to go out to a new club with her. Long and short of the bar was that it was extremely lame, and we left at about 11:00 pm with nothing else to do. The whole time we were driving, however, we talked. First we talked about Tillie and our marriage. Then it was about the problems that she and Tillie had, and the problems that I and Tillie had. As we talked, Rebecca just chuckled. Finally, she and I decided not to call it a night. We went to a store, picked up booze and a few movies, and then headed back to her house to watch them. As I sat there on Rebecca's couch, things fell into an eerily familiar place. She turned and leaned back into me. Then she wrapped my arms around her as we watched the films. We drank, talked, laughed and in time, we kissed. From there, things took a turn for the more exciting. We made out, did some heavy petting, and then took a hot bath at which time I helped her masturbate to orgasm. It did not go beyond that, although that doesn't make what we did okay. But, it was definitely the spice I needed to make life a little more bearable with my wife. Since then, we've had similar trysts together which occur about two or three times a year. It's never gone much further than mutual masturbation, although the topic of a "full night of pleasure" has been broached. I don't know how much longer we can hold out, and I don't really know if I want to.

— Lawrence, 31

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