She Couldn't Stop Staring

I'm not small by any standard, and my wife has never complained about my manhood. We have a large hot tub in our back yard, and my wife and I use it regularly. We have had many people share it with us over the years, and I had never noticed that my wife was excited by another man's size. Last week, I invited a new coworker and his wife over for a BBQ, and we later decided to try the hot tub. We all changed into our suits, and even I could not help but notice our guest's muscular body and the size of his "package" as he came out on the patio in his Speedos. My wife just stood staring at his manhood as we chatted before entering the hot tub. After hot tubbing, we four sat around on the patio in our suits, talking and drinking, and I could tell my wife was having a hard time trying not to stare at our guest's body. After they left, I asked my wife what was going on. She said she didn't even know they could be so large and confessed that his whole body was an incredible turn on. She said she was sorry, but his body really did something for her. As we made love that night, she admitted she was thinking of him. My wife has been begging me to ask them back next weekend. I'm not so sure.

— Marcos, 38

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