It Was Meant To Be Innocent

I was married for about five years. I was twenty-six years old when it happened. My wife's mom was not bad-looking. She was just your normal forty-five-year-old about five feet tall, a hundred pounds, and a B-cup, but she could be cute as hell sometimes. She was also very shy. On New Year's Eve, we were having a little get together at our house. We were all a little drunk. Somehow, I ended up alone for a bit with her in the garage. I came up behind her, put my arms around her, and gave her a peck on the neck. She responded by shoving her butt back into me. The kiss was meant to be innocent, but my animal instincts took over. I held her tight and bit her on the neck. I pushed her against the bench and, still holding her, I pulled her pants down to her knees. In seconds, we were having sex. Then we finished up very quickly. We both composed ourselves and went back into the house like nothing happened. We have never talked about it since.

— Isaac, 40

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