Is It Illegal?

I have to admit, at forty-seven, I would never have believed that my wife of twenty-two years and I would be in the back of our car having sex. The evening started out early at the local wine tasting bar where we tried five or six different wines and even had the fancy cracker and cheese plate. Then, instead of driving home, we called the kids. They are thirteen and eighteen. After hearing that the kids were busy heating up a pizza and watching movies, we decided to go to a nice Mexican restaurant. On the way, I decided we needed to stop in the parking lot of a public park for a little make out session before dinner. You know, to spice up the date and keep the fires burning, right? Well, we have a big arm rest in between our front seats. So, I got out of the SUV, and my wife followed. I pointed out how the tinting of the back windows kept anyone from seeing in. There was no one at the park and no other cars in the parking lot. It was even still daylight. I then got in the back seat and closed the door, leaving my wife outside. She finally got in the front seat, closed the door, and after some coaxing I talked her into the back seat where we proceeded to make out. She kept insisting that what we were doing was illegal. Then, all of a sudden, she was taking my pants off and doing things to me I only usually read about in Love Confessions. Eventually, we made it to dinner. Now, my question is this: If two consenting (married to each other) adults have sex in the back of a car at a public park, is this illegal?

— Anthony, 47

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