Performing For Her Husband And Friends

I am a married man with a girlfriend who happens to be married, too. The crazy thing is her husband knows and approves of our little affair and even makes arrangements, like taking the kids to movies and other things like that so the two of us can hook up. Her husband and I had talked on the phone but had never actually met in person before last week when he decided it was time we met face to face. I was nervous, and I told her I didn't want to meet him with that "come do me" look on my face. So, obligingly, she responded by calling me about thirty minutes before our scheduled date. She asked me to meet her in the dressing room of a department store across from the bar where we were to meet her husband later. She was already naked behind the door of the dressing room when I got there. As soon as I opened the door, she turned toward the wall, bent over, and placed her hands on the bench posterior up and face down. We were late getting to the bar, but she had taken a picture of our episode with her cell phone and sent it to her husband while we were doing it. We met and, unsurprisingly, he was really cool. After about three beers and a lot of footsies under the table, she asked him to go to another friend's while she and I went back to their house. He agreed but asked only that she turn on the web cam in the room so he could watch. We went back to their place and, as requested, played for the camera while he and a likeminded couple watched our show. He messaged us from time to time with special requests and approving comments. It went on for hours and in several rooms. We used all twelve condoms, and running out of condoms is the only reason we stopped. Now, she wants a threesome with my wife and me, but I just don't think my wife is or would be interested in any of this. So, for now, we will keep it hush-hush from the wife and just keep performing for her husband and friends.

— Phillip, 38

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