Sexually Liberated

A friend had just sold his house and was moving out of town. Mike had stopped by to say goodbye. We had a few drinks when my wife said, "It's getting very warm in here." With that, she stood and removed her top, exposing herself to us. She then sat down and continued the conversation. I was totally surprised. She had never done anything like this before. I found myself enjoying the moment. Mike was very complimentary and, after another drink, Andrea stood and removed the rest of her clothes. Now, I was shocked as I heard her say to Mike, "I've long wanted to make love to another man with my hubby watching. Would you like to be the man to satisfy my desire?" Mike readily agreed and, for the next two hours, they made love in a variety of positions, including orally. I couldn't believe my eyes, but my package was bursting. After Mike left, Andrea said, "I can still use another man." We then proceeded to make love until dawn. Once I recovered from the shock, I learned that I really liked the idea. My wife has now been sexually liberated, and I am still enjoying it.

— Robert, 36

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