On Company Time

After six years on the job and eight years of marriage, she came into my life; small, demure, and gentle in manner. She had a smile for everyone and loved serving others. I was told she had a crush on me, but I never considered it. That is until one day when she asked me why I was feeling grumpy, so I confessed my misery. We compared our miseries by telling our stories about our lives. From there, we slowly began building a relationship, and that relationship led to our "after-hours romance". She made excuses to be with me, and I made excuses to be with her. When everyone else had cleared the building, we met in my small office and did a lot of heavy petting which consisted mostly of mutual masturbation. That's all she really wanted, was for me to stroke her while she sat on my knee. She would kiss me hard, play with me, and whisper soft words into my ear. It ended when her husband began an investigation into why she had to spend so much time at the company and not get paid for it. She left the company on her own free will, and I left one year later. She calls me occasionally with phone-sex. I tell her to confess her nature to her husband, but she hasn't and she won't. Her love is strange, but for her, it is love.

— Monroe, 57

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