Younger Lover

About a year ago, this new, cute, young, hottie started working in another department at work. She was then transferred to the night shift, the shift that I was working. She was single and had broken up with her boyfriend six months before. She liked to flirt and was giving me hints that she wanted some sex. I just figured she was a teaser since I was twice her age. I figured she was playing with my head, and I did not do anything about it. She found a boyfriend, and we remained friends. A couple of weeks ago at a drag race meet, she showed up at my pit and asked if she could campout for the weekend. She said her boyfriend was away and that she needed some company. This time I did something about it. I took her into my camper and told her what I wanted to do to her. She took her clothes off and revealed her hard body to me. She had a few tattoos, small breasts, but she had shaved privates that were amazing. I took her to the back bedroom, and I had the best sex I had had in years. I wish the other women I know would be as horny as this little thing.

— Kevin, 42

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