She Deserves Him

What can I tell you? I like her plumpness. Well-rounded and full in form is how I define what others call chubby and even fat. She is as sensual as any other and is into full body massage. She is not self-conscious with her body, so she shows up naked to every session. She loves to have me with her at all times, and I do to support her. She gets so hot at being massaged, her masseuse can't help getting involved. I massage her shoulders as they work her legs, and I notice their excitement within their pants. A black guy once impressed me with his huge bulge. I know the types of thoughts that were crossing his mind. I couldn't help but to leave them alone, pretending I had to take a phone call. I hoped he could get her to surrender to his massage and then let him have sex with her from behind. I know my wife deserves a well-endowed man.

— Juan, 43

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