Fanatical Foot Fetish

I love a woman's smooth, soft, feet and toes! I have been attracted to a woman's feet even as a child. I really don't know why. I love the summertime! Women are wearing sandals outdoors at the mall, at festivals, and just about everywhere. I'm always checking out a nice set of beautiful, well cared for feet and toes. I especially take notice of a woman with long toes. That's very sexy to me. I get so excited when I see a woman with long, slender, skinny toes! I like red or pink toenail polish. I enjoy kissing and smelling a woman's feet and toes as well as massaging them. To most women, this can be a great compliment! I just love a barefoot woman! I hope I may not be the only person with such a fetish!

— Barrett, 31

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