Gently As I Watched

I had to take a business trip. My wife came with me. I paid for two communicating rooms, but she didn't know it. We agreed on ordering a massage for her at 4:00 because we wanted her to be ready for sex when I was back at 5:00. I came from work before 4:00, so I watched from the communicating balcony. She had just showered when he knocked on the door. She answered in a bathrobe. He set up a table and, without preambles, undid the bathrobe tie at her waist and gently stripped her down to her undies. He guided her to lie down on the table and covered her back with a towel. He massaged her body from toes to front head. He did it so gently she seemed not shy to give up to him. He massaged her thighs and buttocks and finally her breasts. I got off watching.

— Alvin, 42

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