Dressed To Kill

I love to wear female clothes. I am a hetero guy, but the opposite sex's clothes turn me on. I love shaving my legs, putting on panties, a garter belt, silk stockings, a satin padded bra, four-inch black heels, a red satin blouse, and a little, tight, seventeen-inch, black, leather mini-skirt. Top it off with full makeup, a black shoulder-length wig, fake nails, and then I go out in public. One night while getting a soda out of a sidewalk machine, a guy whistled as he drove by. Then he came back and told me how sexy I was. He asked if I wanted to go for a ride, and I crawled in his truck in the middle. His hand went straight up my leg, under my skirt, and then he felt a surprise. He knew I was a cross-dresser, but his fingers worked at my package wrapped in red satin. He pulled out his member, and I returned the favor. Then, I gave him oral sex. It was the first time I ever did that, but I was turned on! We now get together once a week for some fun while I am dressed in short, tight skirts!

— Duane, 28

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