Thanks To My Wife

I was on a business trip in the home town of my wife's best friend. Her friend called me to ask me to breakfast and added that she would pick me up in my hotel room. When I opened the door, her friend was standing there in a tight skirt, a halter top, and with no bra. She invited herself into my hotel room and started some small talk. When she crossed her legs, I could see she had no panties on. I became aroused, which she noticed. She came over to me and began to rub my shoulders. Soon, her hands started to wander, and she started rubbing the bulge in my pants. One thing led to another, and she gave me oral. Then, we had sex, and I gave her oral right after. After our "breakfast", my wife called me to ask how my "meal" was. Turns out she and her girlfriend set the whole thing up to make sure I wasn't "fooling around" on my business trip.

— Uriaha, 46

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