My Wife's Special Birthday Gift

I was planning for my wife's twenty-eighth birthday. I decided to give her a surprise. We have done threesomes (Male/Male/Female) in the past, and she enjoyed every one of them. She liked the attention she got from two men at the same time during threesome encounters. So, I decided to take her to a swinger club for her birthday surprise. She knew we were going to the sex club during the evening, but she thought that it would be just a threesome. For those familiar with most swingers clubs, this club required men to be naked and women in lingerie or nude. When we got there, we went to the common changing room. She put on a purple lingerie with nothing else on. It was a common changing room where other couples and single men put their belonging into lockers. When she was changing, men were starring at her body. She is 5' 8" and wears a size two. I walked her through the club's main area. We then passed through to the patio and hot tub / spa area just to make sure all guys saw her with the purple lingerie that barely covered her bottom. Then, we walked into an empty room with the door open. More than twenty guys followed to the door. Remember, all men are naked at this club. I stood by the door with my wife standing next to the bed inside the room. I know what type of men my wife likes. I picked the first guy to go into the room and let him released his desire for her with the door wide open. The view made the other men outside the door fully excited. This continued until the seventh man was satisfied. Then, I closed the door. By this time, my wife was at the peak of pleasure, and it was my turn to unleash myself with her. It has been a year now. We still talk about it every once in a while. I can see she still gets excited every time I tease her about her encounter with seven men within an evening. Actually, it would have been eight men including myself.

— Stewart, 41

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