Left To The Imagination

I have this fantasy about my wife having sex with any of her coworkers. Besides the receptionist, she is the only woman in an office of nine. So, there are seven guys who could make my dream come true. My wife is very moral and conservative. However, she becomes a little uninhibited when she drinks. I think my best chances are with one of the founders of the firm who is a sixty-year-old man. His wife looks older than him and is not attractive at all. He shares with my wife a love for gardening and wine, so I should encourage her to visit him in order to learn about flowers. Under the effect of the wine, my thirty-nine-year-old wife's charms could be the spark of his seduction. If I succeed and they have sex, I don't know how I am going to know. So, I will have to leave it to my imagination.

— Randall, 42

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